Dr. Andreas T. Matzke

Dr. Andreas T. Matzke is a professional palaeontologist who has been working mainly on fossil reptiles. He

did his Masters Thesis on Eurhinosaurus, a large Ichthyosaur from the Posidonia Shale and his Ph. D. on

mesozoic turtles from Central Asia, but he has also worked on many other groups and published lots of

papers since 1997, many of them in high-rank international journals. He has done fieldwork and scientific

studies in many countries, including China, the US, South Africa and most of Europe. Dr. Matzke always had a

particular interest in Triassic and Jurassic Ichthyosaurs including the ichthyosaur fauna of the Lower Jurassic

Posidonia Shale (Holzmaden-Fauna).


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